Packing List

Hoping this packing list is helpful to you as you plan your next dream trip!  The list has evolved from a list used for Girl Scout packing, to a list used for packing for college, to this current list which was used for a 72-day summer trip to Europe, including a river cruise and a trans-Atlantic cruise.  The only thing I had to purchase was an additional flash drive to store photos – an expensive purchase when I had a bunch of flash drives at home.

Believe it or not, I wish I had packed more ramen soup.  There were a couple of times we were just too tired after a long day to go out and get food.  The ramen is small, can be crushed, and is pure comfort food.

Packing List – Individual



 Backpack (Rick Steves Civita Day pack) light, comfy
Bras – 2
Dressy shirt
Hat (crushable) wear your school hat – you’ll be surprised who you meet (Go, Buckeyes!)
Jacket, black (Columbia trail-crush sporty hoodie) crumple into a ball, put it in your back pack, no wrinkles!
Long skirt for cruise, opera
Nightgown/beach cover up/lounging
Scarves, 2 – large, for plane; small, for dress-up
Shirts, 6 (prints – they hide stains)
Shoes – walking
Shoes – flip flops
Shoes – dressy sandals
Shorts – beige
Slacks, one beige, one black (Columbia anytime outdoor boot-cut pant) – wash, air dry – go!
Socks, 6 pair (Thorlo socks – your feet will thank you)
Swim suit
Underpants – 6


Everything else


Address file & pre-printed labels
ATM cards (call bank first for exchange rates and charges)
Baby wipes
Band-aids in Altoids box
Beverage enhancers
Camera, extra battery, extra memory card, cord for downloading
Chargers: cell phone, tablet, camera, I-pod, Kindle
Charger – portable storage
Clip-on light for bed
Clips for laundry, food
Copy of passport, credit cards, medications, medical permission
Credit cards
Earbuds for tours and music
Electrical adapter
Extension cord
Flash drives – two 64 gig
Google maps downloaded to phone
Hair color
Hand sanitizer
IPod and ear buds
Kindle – load games! load walking tours!
Laundry detergent, spray + wash, clothes pins + clothes line + Downey wrinkle release + sewing kit
List of all places we are staying
Medications, salves, bandaids, antibiotics, sea-sickness
Microwave snacks
Money pouch
Nail polish + top coat
Neck pillow for plane (I carry a baby pillow)
Notebook and pen
Pens, pencils, paper clips
Post-it notes
Ribbon – bright for suitcase handle
Snack food, gum
Sun Glasses
Sun Screen
Toilet paper for public restrooms
Toiletries, tooth brush, tooth paste, make-up
Tour books & maps
Water bottles
Wet wipes, antibiotic
Wine screw
Zip-lock bags